Due to the cost of sewing samples, one bag was photographed, cut apart in Photoshop, and turned into four other colorways.


For four seasons, from 2008 until 2011, I designed the catalogs for the Carlsbad-based golf brand iliac. As the years progressed, the grid and organisation of the books became more refined. This sales tool also had to act as part of a marketing effort for golf and country clubs around North America. Products needed to match the actual color as much as possible since samples for all products are not possible.

Various spreads from the iliac catalog from the 2011 season.

Studio photography of iliac products. With a simple setup, I photographed, converted, color-corrected and clipped/masked each item. 

Various spreads from the iliac catalog from the 2012 season.

Along with design, I was responsible for most of the product photography and production from 2009 until 2011. Above: a variety of detail images of apparel..