The first photoshoot was done over a period of three nights at the Giant parking lot. I rented a flat-bed trailer for the run-up and then rented and purchased a number of skateable items. Shooting on company property gave us access to and control over the environment. We shot so late into the night that we heard the Disneyland fireworks show. Only a couple behind-the-scenes images were taken.

For the second shoot, sketches for the possible set-ups were made so that we could quickly revise the pallets and plywood.


In order to have marketing and promotional images for ads, catalogues, and tradeshow use, Giant Skateboard Distribution needed images from each company in its family. Sourcing imagery and dealing with licencing fees for over 15 to 20 images each season was costly and logistically difficult.


I proposed shooting the professionals over a period of a few days / nights. Obstacles for the skateboarders to modify were bought and rented. The event was hosted at Giant's parking area, and shooting at night allowed for lighting to be strictly controlled. 

One photographer was hired for each event, and they shot medium-format film. A behind-the-scenes video was shot and published in the 411 video magazine.

My role was in proposing and budgeting the shoot, then sourcing all the bought and rented obstacles. I even found some fencing on a street that was put to use. I organised the call sheet so that not all the athletes were waiting to skate, and some of the photography went late into the night. Food and beverages were on hand for each day.

Photographers: Pete Thompson and Skin Phillips
Brands involved: Black Label, Element, New Deal, Destructo, Monster Trucks, 411VM

The photos from both shoots were used for advertising, catalogs and tradeshow materials. 

View some of the action from the first shoot's nights that appeared in 411VM #52. Go to 15:51

I was able to take a number of behind-the-scenes images for the second shoot, that was done over a weekend. Again, the Giant parking lot was used but with a different set. This time we built the run-up with pallets and plywood.