• Sketchcards

    Back when I started a website that was coded by hand, I had a section called This Day or So, where I would add a drawing for almost every day of the week. I wouldn't post one a day, but once a week I'd usually add seven new images.

    Lookforwardtothepast.com as it looked in 2013.


    My resource of drawings was almost starting to run a little dry, so I began sketching on notepads next to me while working. I'd scan these drawings and post them. Sometimes I'd add colour or other textures. 

    Here are a few of the very early ones.

    As time progressed, I'd experiment with mixing the sketches and how colour was added. The majority of the time, the base source of the drawing was the sketch that I'd do on a card. I had come up with a system for cutting card stock, primarily Neenah Classic Crest (Solar White), from 8.5 x 11 to a quarter size. It was easy to have on hand while watching TV or sitting somewhere. I would always have a stack of cut cards ready to be drawn on. 


    Some of the early drawings.

    At one point, while living in Montreal, I had a carton shipped up from the States so I wouldn't run out for a few years. It was a good idea. The paper has been the primary stock that I've done drawings on due to how the pen and ink I use don't bleed when watercolour is added.

    I have drawn with a number of different mediums through the years. Sometimes I'll just use a 4B pencil; other times it's ink with a brush. Most times, I go for a Pilot parellel pen at 1.5 or 2.4 mm.

    The content of the cards is very random at times and definitely stream-of-consciousness. Each card is high-res scanned and I've used the images for a variety of projects.


    Sometimes, while I'm painting other pieces, I'll use the sketchcards as testers. Then I will like how they turned out and scan them again.


    Or I'll just do some paint on a blank sketchcard. 

    The cards can pile up at times before I scan them. And they pile up more before they get used for other things.


    I have boxes of past sketchcards and keep making more and more of them.


    Take a look at a few.


    There have been times when the drawings are inspiration for others to do their own versions.


    I share the sketchcards on social media, but there are so many I can't even show a small percentage. 

    When walking around I have been posting cards up with other posters. 

    I'm sure the cards don't stay up for more than a couple days. It is good to share a bit of what I do and hopefully spread art and drawing around.


    I've turned the scanned art into vectors, coloured them, then animated them. Once turned into gifs and posted on my GIPHY, they become available for Instagram stories as stickers and other social media, such as Tik Tok.

    I have so many gifs that I have to use over 10 different hashtags to find the stickers.
    #forwardpast #forwardlook #laybourner #pastlook #pastforward #randylaybourne are just a few of them.


    The sketchcards have been used in shows, and seeing a large group of cards together is fun and insightful way to view my drawings and thinking process.

    I'm sure to keep making more cards, and if you want to have a couple just send me an email.