Currently one of the 20x20 images is available on a variety of products on Society6. View them here.

If you see one of the 20x20 that you'd like on a tee, print, or tote bag, shoot me an email.

A video from the show and the custom temporary art was created. View it on YouTube.

Here are a variety of images from the set-up of the show and the opening.

A time-lapse video was created to show the full creative process of doing one of the 20X20 images. You can see it here.

20X20 Art and Show

For over two years I worked on a series of images that are 20 inches by 20 inches and decided to attempt 20 of them. Each one has a different monotone watercolor wash to them. The content is similar with themes and details being explored but a clear story wasn’t the intent. Swiv Tackle Circus gallery, in Oceanside, California, hosted a show of all the whole series. Along with an installation piece, that was painted over at the end, the show ran from Jan 17 to Feb 16, 2009.